Puzzle Raiders

Puzzle Raiders

RPG Puzzle Game

Type: RPG Puzzle Game

Project Overview

Puzzle Raiders is an innovative RPG puzzle game with tactical combat elements, developed for Android and iOS platforms. The game features vivid and colourful graphics and a unique Match-3 combat system.

Attractive and monetizable product


The main objective was to create an attractive and monetizable product capable of expanding our target audience and attracting strategy game enthusiasts.


The game is designed for a broad target audience, with an age restriction set at 10 years old.

Interface and Design

Thoroughly conceived game designs and user interface underwent detailed development and were approved by the client.



Animating a puzzle game
The puzzle game's animation


Visual Effects (VFX) for a puzzle game


Innovative Puzzle Game Interface Design
User-Friendly Navigation Panel Snapshot
Dynamic Interaction Elements Display
Sleek Iconography and Button Design
Gameplay Screen: Intuitive Layout
Customizable User Settings View

Icons, animation, VFX, and UI were meticulously developed to ensure the optimal user experience.


Over 100 unique characters were created within the project, designed using software like Blender, ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag.


Chopper: Agile Puzzle Game Character
Chopper: Engaging Character Illustration
Character Image: Vibrant Chopper Snapshot

Zombie bear

Character Snapshot: Intimidating Zombie Bear
Zombie Bear: Striking Character Rendering
Detail Focus: Zombie Bear Features


Barbique: Captivating Character Design
Character View: Barbique Snapshot
Detail Exposure: Barbique’s Unique Traits


The video materials showcase various aspects of gameplay, providing a detailed overview of the game’s features and characteristics.

Engrossing Gameplay: Puzzle Solving Action
In-Game Screenshot: Puzzle Challenges Overview

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