Advertising Render: Air Jordan Miles Morales

Advertising Render: Air Jordan Miles Morales

Welcome to the innovative realm of KREONIT! On this occasion, we’ve dived deep into a distinctive Advertising Render art project revolving around “Air Jordan Miles Morales”. Our mission was to craft visual masterpieces of this exclusive sneaker series, interweaving advanced 3D technologies and sophisticated tools.

Objectives of the Work

  • Visualize the unique design of “Air Jordan Miles Morales”.
  • Create a gallery showcasing various aspects of the sneaker design.
  • Present our skills in 3D modelling and detailing.

Customer’s Tasks

  • Develop highly detailed 3D models.
  • Highlight the special features of the Miles Morales sneaker design.
  • Utilize innovative approaches for visualizing details and textures.

Choice of Tools

Understanding the complexity and scale of the tasks, we opted for a suite of professional tools like Maya for intricate 3D modelling, ZBrush for detailed sculpting, Marmoset Toolbag for realistic rendering, and Blender for various aspects of creation. This strategic approach allowed us to optimize the workflow to the fullest, saving time and resources.

Development Process

Formulating a plan of work was a key stage in our project. After a thorough analysis of tasks and needs, we developed a comprehensive plan where every stage was meticulously thought out, allowing us to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure high quality of the outcome.

Morales Sneaker Front

Explore the unique lines and details of the sneaker’s front, reflecting the character of Miles Morales, created using Maya and ZBrush.

Sneaker Detailing

The minute elements and textures of each pair reveal our attention to detail and pursuit of perfection, achieved using Marmoset Toolbag and Blender.

Morales Sneaker Side

The side view reveals the sleek design lines and intricate patterns, reflecting the aesthetics of Miles Morales.

Sole Design

Take a look at the innovative sole design, developed to provide optimum grip and comfort.

Morales Sneaker Back

The back of the sneaker reveals the dynamic and powerful style of Miles Morales represented in this unique design.

Design Sketches

Explore our initial sketches and concepts that formed the basis of this project.

3D Modeling Process

The 3D modeling stages reveal our meticulous approach to crafting every design element of the sneaker.

Texture Details

The meticulously crafted textures and materials highlight the quality and craftsmanship of our work.

Morales Sneaker Exterior

Behold the sleek exterior of the Air Jordan Miles Morales, showcasing the meticulous details and unique design features, crafted using ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag.

Morales Sneaker Preliminary Render

Delve into the developmental journey with this preliminary render of the Air Jordan Miles Morales, visualizing the potential and foundational details, constructed with Maya and Blender.

We’re proud to unveil our ‘Air Jordan Miles Morales’ Advertising Render art collection, a testament to diligent efforts, professionalism, and innovative visual crafting. Dive into our realm and relish our meticulously designed creation as much as we do! Ordering a high-quality Cinematics service is your first step towards success.

The example demonstrates how the talented artist Andrea Martin was able to create something truly masterful.

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