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The service "Mobile game promotion" implies the presence of a competently drawn-up plan of action. This task does not tolerate amateurism.

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Even if you have released a fascinating mobile game that occupies a significant role in its niche, it may not be profitable without additional actions to popularise it. It’s easy — if a player doesn’t see it, he won’t know how exciting it is. The service “Mobile game promotion” implies the presence of a competently drawn-up plan of action. This task does not tolerate amateurism. Therefore, entrust it to those who have eaten more than one dog.

Mobile game promotion

Why is it so crucial?

The primary indicator of commercial success is the net income you receive from the finished product sales. It is a financial benefit that overlaps the development costs. In this matter, it is worth abandoning unnecessary ambitions — even if the game is popular, it is worth understanding that the result should be in the form of large sums coming into the bank account.

Mobile game promotion will help you break into the highly competitive mobile app market like a bolide. As a result, the success of a mobile game directly depends on the professionalism with which the promotion is carried out. If you entrust your creation into the hands of masters, it ensures:

  • Increased competitiveness. You have no idea how tough the competition is among mobile game developers. But we are not afraid of it – in this world, we play the role of a predator, not a victim. Our arsenal includes all the most progressive promotion methods for your project.
A recognisable mobile game
  • Increased level of recognition. Every self-respecting gamer in the future will know that your game exists. This process is influenced by many factors: quality advertising, positive reviews, etc. The number of downloads is directly proportional to the number of potential players who saw the page in the app shop.
  • Profit growth. The income from monetising a game depends on what tools are used in the game (in-game purchases, advertising). Logically, the more downloads, the more chances for effective monetisation.
  • Improved reputation. At least one successful game project in a company’s track record can significantly increase the company’s credibility in the mobile games market. Due to this, future mobile games will be perceived with more trust.
  • Audience growth. Statistics of recent years show that the army of mobile games fans has already exceeded those who are used to passing game levels on PC. Moreover, it is constantly growing. Therefore, promoting mobile games is a direct way to attract new fans worldwide.
Increasing the number of players

It all sounds very tempting, right? But, you can only achieve such results if you have a professional approach to promotion. A proven publisher can increase the revenue of the project. As a mobile publisher, we provide a complete package of services and support the project from the moment of development to its distribution. All resources are involved, the main of which is a team of real gurus. It is constantly supplemented by advanced specialists with innovative visions of what mobile game promotion should be.

Game promotion strategies

What are the most effective mobile game promotion strategies?

Determining which of the many promotion strategies will be the most effective is an essential skill. The choice must consider the target audience and the game’s features. For some, it may seem like a gift from God. We modestly call it professionalism. Managers are constantly improving their skills in this area. Acquired skills and knowledge allow you to choose the path of development of your particular project without any errors.

Mobile game advertising


Advertising is the engine not only of commerce but also of mobile game monetisation. It is essential to use different approaches and to place adverts on various platforms:

  • Social media. Given how much time we spend on social networks, no wonder this channel is considered one of the highest quality. The most common platforms used for advertising campaigns are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Your money will be used with maximum frugality, and efficiency is achieved not due to the size of the budget but its skilful distribution. For this purpose, the advert is only shown to those potentially interested in the game.
  • Mobile app shop. Many new players follow a link they saw in the app shop. The strategy chosen determines the placement of the ad – search page and categories.
  • Mobile websites. Entertainment and news mobile websites are great options for advertising. Effectiveness depends on how correctly such a platform is analysed.
Promotion of games on websites
  • YouTube. YouTube is an excellent advertising option for a specific genre of games. A potential player can see an advert while watching a themed video about games. Both the sidebar and the video itself are suitable for placement.
  • Mobile games. It is possible to use placement in similar genre games for projects that occupy a specific place in their niche.

It is customary to divide advertising campaigns into free and paid. The first includes strategies for using the limitless potential of social networks, thematic forums and blogs. If we consider paid options, their cost is determined by the CPM (cost per 1000 impressions or cost per mille) and CPC (cost per click). Of course, the final results depend on the competent strategy implementation.First, you need to know your target audience. Setting up targeting involves collecting proper keywords designed for those interested in installing the game. It is essential to ensure that your budget is maximised. It is not our policy to waste the customer’s money.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process carried out by masters to streamline the app shop, increase the number of downloads, and improve the game visibility for the CA. For this purpose, the list of mandatory activities includes the optimization process of all app elements: title, description, screenshots and keywords. You can compare such work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The only difference is that App Store Optimization is carried out in Google Play and Apple App Store but is related to mobile games. ASO specialist, as well as an SEO specialist, is an indispensable person in a team aimed at generating income from the project. Such masters will be working on your game. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the promotion of mobile games will include all proven methods:

  • Keyword analysis. The latter means phrases used for searches in the search app shop. Choosing appropriate keywords is a critical part of ASO.
  • Title, description. Ranking of the mobile game in the app shop depends on how original and informative they will be.
Selection of pictures and videos
  • Videos, pictures. There is no more misguided path to popularisation than to overlook the importance of visual elements. A vivid image will keep a potential player from scrolling further down the app feed.

We can help you perform App Store Optimization (ASO), which will make the game rise high in the rankings, and this is a long-term prospect. If we take the same adverts as a comparison, their results have a “shelf life”.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Mobile game promotion is impossible without such a crucial process as Influencer Marketing. It implies the involvement of influential people (Influencers) in the mobile game promotion. The latter include bloggers, celebrities, and opinion leaders in social networks.

Promotion is carried out using many techniques, the most effective of which are:

  • Search for Influencers. Your project will develop if you start cooperating with an Influencer with a suitable audience. Moreover, the justifiability of the choice is also determined by the number of subscribers, reputation, and engagement. All these points will no longer be your troubles.
  • Launching the campaign. For promotion, you must prepare high-quality content (photos, videos). The format is determined by the preferences of the influencer’s CA.
Selecting content for Influencer Marketing
  • Choosing tactics. Given that the cooperation formats can be quite different, it is crucial to determine the proper cooperation vector.

The key advantages that this type of promotion possesses are:

  • attracting customers;
  • increasing trust in the brand;
  • increasing the number of sales.

It is hard to argue with statistics stating that mobile games are the leader in the Influencer Marketing market. Therefore, we will not miss the opportunity to break into the competitive space with the help of opinion leaders.

Social media promotion

Social networks

It is hard to estimate how much time each of us spends a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, but one thing is clear — this is a great channel to promote a mobile game. Our specialists will develop the most favourable plan of action for your project. Social media marketing, in most cases, consists of the following steps:

  • Creating a page. For your game will be created a separate page in a suitable social network. The conducted analysis will help to understand in which social network your CA is located.
  • On-page SEO. On-page SEO, including properly selected keywords and title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and website structure, impact the page’s rankings and user experience.
Social media content
  • Preview. Players seeing the preview will already know whether to click on the “Download Game” button based on the preview alone.
  • Advertising. By setting up targeting, you can attract new players. The main thing to consider is age, gender, interests, etc.

Advertising in social networks will give its results. For this, it is important not to stop work after the project has been launched. The more attention is devoted to this moment, the more audience the mobile game will attract.



Cross-promotion is a strategy to promote mobile games through other apps and games. This process consists of different methods, such as showing adverts or suggesting the new game installation to players. The main goal of cross-promotion is to attract new users for mobile games, increase revenue and retain existing users.

As practice shows, the following methods are the most effective:

  • Placing adverts inside the game. This approach is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of downloads and attract new users, especially if you find a channel with your target audience.
  • Arranging special promotions. If you have several game projects, you can arrange special promotions in one game to attract users to another game. For example, they often offer bonuses or promo codes for another game when completing specific tasks or reaching a certain level in the first game.
Social media use
  • Social media use. Social media users are an excellent source for promoting several game projects simultaneously. You can publish posts about one game in a community dedicated to another. The main thing is not to scare a potential player with too aggressive advertising and not to downplay the importance of both games.
  • Email distribution. Almost every advertising campaign resorts to this method. The effectiveness of this choice depends precisely on the quality of the mailing sample.

Understanding the audience, its wishes, and behaviour is essential for you to boast the cross-promotion results.

PR campaign for a mobile game

PR Campaigns

Quality mobile game promotion necessarily involves a well-thought-out PR campaign. This process includes mailing press releases, cooperating with bloggers, and attending mobile game expos.

For a good result, you need to fulfil several steps:

  • Identify the CA. The players’ age, preferences, and other relevant indicators are essential in targeting the audience.
  • Compose the text of the message. Representatives of different audiences have their language. Therefore, you need to convey the message of the advertising campaign in clear words. Adhere to the principle that “brevity is the sister of talent”.
  • Develop a press release. It summarises information about the game content and features.
Content about the game for the media
  • Creating content for the media. A successful interview with the developers or a review of the game is a tidbit for every representative of the profile media.
  • Participation in exciting events. As a rule, you can find your potential player at exhibitions and conferences.

Mobile game promotion needs a well-thought-out PR campaign, as it significantly increases the chances of commercial success.

Factors affecting game promotion

What affects the mobile game promotion?

Even a thorough promotion strategy and a substantial budget do not guarantee success. The whole point is that the product itself must have the appropriate quality. Obstacles on the way to popularity can be:

  • Inappropriate graphics. It does not always mean low-quality graphics. Trends change quickly, so even ultra-realistic detailing can be just not trendy. For this purpose, the development of the game’s graphics must match the wishes of the modern player.
Quality graphics in a mobile game
  • Uninteresting plot. If the game plot is too simple, does not intrigue, does not keep you in suspense, such a game will fail. Everything in the game should be on the level – the main plot, quests, and characters.
  • Poor monetisation. There is no easier way to get rid of players than to stuff the game with aggressive advertising. If the monetisation is also implemented in a shoddy manner, then it’s an absolute combo.

Of course, there are many more such pitfalls, but these are actual boulders! If you want your project to sail through this narrow harbour and not hit any of them, it is advisable to use the services of professionals.

Advantages of cooperation

What are the advantages of cooperation with us?

A quality developer and publisher in one person is a true godsend. We have hundreds of non-standard approaches for your project, complementing the methods already proven by experience. All deadlines are agreed upon in advance, and we start development and promotion only after budget approval. The manager responsible for the project stays in touch with you at every stage.

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