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Mobile game development – are considered the fastest growing area of ​​the gaming industry. Most people play them for the sake of spending time, but for some it is a fascinating hobby. This popular category of mobile applications contains an incredibly wide audience, which unlocks the potential for business. 

Mobile game development

Most likely, you are familiar with games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Plants vs. Zombies. They encourage many people to plunge into the mobile application industry and begin developing their own product, even though this requires knowledge of technology, creative thinking, and the ability to efficiently build technical processes.

Six steps to mobile game development

How mobile games are being developed? Where the path to success begins? To create a high-quality game that can become profitable, you need to prepare: study the market and come up with an idea, develop exciting gameplay, choose a platform, create a design, build a monetization plan.

To order additionally: development of a design document.

1. Formulate an idea

Firstly start working on an idea. This step is very important for future success. The huge number of ideas already implemented in the mobile industry. So you need to offer something fresh or provide something already familiar in a new wrapper. The general plan is that the game should be addressed to a mass audience. Only then it could bring a big profit. Therefore, do not forget about the people who will play the game you created.

mobile game design

Decide what game you want to develop. Choose the category of game and the type of audience you want to target. What will be the genre: arcade, simulator, action, strategy, or RPG? Do you want to attract young people or middle-aged users? You must find the answer to these questions yourself.

2. Attract into the gameplay

The factor of small dependence on the gameplay allows you to retain most of the users. There is a proven way to get users into the game — it should be easy and fun, with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. Usually players abandon long games. You could fuel their interest with various techniques: create short levels with unlocked content, use different bonuses, secret items.

gameplay development of mobile games

3. Choose a platform (OS)

Developing games for mobile devices requires a platform. Usually the choice comes down to Android or iOS. It would be more convenient to simplify this task by moving to a hybrid model, but cross-platform development will incur additional costs. The crucial factor here should be your target market. Focus on the OS that the most profitable players will use — this will help to prioritize. If the additional costs do not scare you, then the sure-fire option is to support two platforms at once.

4. Create a unique design

Developing a design for a game is much more complicated than for a regular mobile application. It is important to take into account a million aspects and pay attention to details. Perfection is made up of little things and advanced users will definitely notice it. In the end, an attractive picture itself can become an original feature that will stand out in a competitive market.

 design in a mobile game

5. Plan a monetization strategy

Many games remain unprofitable. That’s why it is important to set up a monetization strategy before development starts. Project development can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is crucial to have a plan for returning your investment. Here are some common ways to monetize mobile games:

  • In-app purchases. The Freemium model is the most common type of monetization. Even though such purchases make up only 2% in Android games’ profits and a little more in iOS games, this is an effective way to bring income.
  • Advertising in the app. In entertainment applications advertising is often combined with in-game purchases. It is a useful solution. Especially when either method alone couldn’t bring substantial profits. 

mobile game monetization strategy

But in this case, choosing the content of advertising becomes crucial. It has to be relevant to your game’s audience for better advertising efficiency.

  • Premium version. Demo or free trial of premium offers could encourage players to pay for it in the future. Of course, you can immediately request payment, but this will significantly reduce the number of purchases.

6. Order the mobile game development from professionals

The final step to creating a successful product is the choice of a company for developing a mobile game. You need to find a team of experienced developers who have the necessary skills and could turn your idea into a profitable business. 

game developer

Game development is complicated enough, and creating unique and memorable projects requires a professional approach.

KREONIT is a mobile application development studio. We will help you embody your idea and create a unique mobile game. 

The specifics of mobile game development

The gaming industry has provided developers with many suitable tools for creating games. The most popular game engines — Unity, Unreal Engine, AppGameKit.


This is an integrated development environment. It offers multi-platform solutions for creating 2D and 3D games. Unity includes a huge number of functions, predefined models, textures and documentation. Developers use this environment to create games of any kind — from simple to AAA class. Unity advantages:

  • Creating objects, adding various components to them;
  • Functional graphical editor;
  • Built-in Play Mode for quick debugging;
  • Support for multiple platforms, APIs, technologies.

Unreal Engine

Time-tested engine for developing games, mainly of the AAA class. Many well-known games used it as a basis. It allows the creation of games that are supported by most platforms and operating systems.

Unreal Engine offers 2 main tools for developers: traditional C++ and visual Blueprints scripts. These instruments help understand game logic. Unreal Engine is designed to meet the needs of both giant and small game projects.


A powerful engine for multi-platform gaming products, suitable for any independent mobile game development studio. Advantages of AppGameKit:

  • Fast compiler, a many of ready-made solutions for convenient development;
  • Cross-platform;
  • Built-in monetization of games.

How to avoid mistakes during mobile game development

The game world is constantly evolving. Progress has given us augmented and virtual reality. It means just one thing — new opportunities for developers and customers. Everyone is eager to release a new game for mobile devices. But many do not take risks into account and make typical mistakes in the process:

  1. Overloading with numerous features.

    Don’t try to include all your ideas in the first release. It’s not worth releasing a mobile game right away with the full range of features. Always better to launch a mobile game in stages. Every next version including new features will give an idea of ​​user behavior. Then you will be able to decide which improvements should be added next.

  2. Inappropriate monetization policy.

    You need to think in advance how to monetize the game. The choice of model depends on your goals (for example, achieving profitability), as well as on market demand.

  3. Loss of interest in users.

    You could keep the players only if you constantly make an effort. Don’t start to attract new users before you find out why the old users leave. The reasons may not be obvious: errors, lack of gamification, complicated interface, the best alternatives, and more. The user can also just get bored. You have to regularly update your game with new levels, characters, design elements, etc. It could be useful to study player reviews as guidelines for fixing errors and introducing new ideas.

  4. Weak promotion.

    Even a perfect game will not pay off without promotion. Constantly attracting users is important for revenue dynamics. For an application to become viral, investments in marketing, branding, and promotion are needed. With a large budget, you can receive reviews in famous blogs, advertise on social networks, on game portals. Only a comprehensive approach will bring results.

  5. Unsuitable development team.

    If you do not know how to program yourself, you should find someone who possesses that knowledge. Do you need to collect staff? How many people do you need to develop a mobile game? Hire freelancers to work remotely or is it better to entrust this business to a company that will develop a turnkey game? When a serious approach is needed, quality cannot be neglected, and the process should not stretch for many months, it is better to turn to professionals — to the KREONIT company.

Development of mobile games for iOS and Android

Our specialists have the proper technical knowledge of game development for all mobile operating systems. We begin with a clear understanding of the details and specifications, then plunge into the flexible development cycles and quickly publish the release. We work on all types of games, including:

  • Writing and modifying game engines (2D, 3D);
  • Creation of a game core;
  • Development of thematic and gaming assets;
  • Entertaining applications;
  • Educational applications/games;
  • Full integration of advanced gaming features and porting of the games;
  • Artificial intelligence, including the design and development of games;
  • Games on social networks, integration of social networks with games.

KREONIT is a web studio that designs attractive mobile games. We combine creativity, originality, and professionalism at all stages of creating a mobile game.

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