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It is pleasure to make games in Unity 3D. Unity is universal game engine with built-in instruments for making every aspect of game. And Unity 3D allows to compile and optimize a project for every agming platform needed.

In this article we will tell you about Unity 3D game developing: how muh it costs, what are advantages and disadvantages of engine.

make a game in unity

Why to make a game in Unity 3D

Cost of use

Unity 3D offers 4 plans. The engine is free to use if you are lone indie-developer and your game does not earn $100 000 in a year. This plan is not suitable for us: we have big team of programmers and our games earn more than $100k in a year.

If the game makes less than $200 000 in the last 12 month, Unity charges $40/month per seat. If the game earns more than $200k in the last month, you need to pay $150/month per seat. And if your game is successful and you have more than 20 people working on one game, you need to pay $200/month per seat.

unity 3d plans

Fast prototyping

Unity has microgames: a well done templates of popular game genres. We can use those microgames to get base mechanics for first person shooters, 2D platformers, racing games and much more. Then we can add your unique mechanics to the microgame and get a prototype in the fastest way possible.

micro game in unity 3d


Every gaming platform has its own internal architecture. You can’t develop an Android game and then release it on iOS without costly process of porting. But Unity allows us to develop a game as a project that isn’t binded to the particular gaming platform. When the game is ready, we can compile it to iOS, Android, PC, PlayStation or XBOX. Surely, we will have to optimise heavy games to make them work on mobile devices, but Unity still gives as a good way to publish game on a different platforms.

Asset Store

Unity has a store with various game assets: models, sprites, textures, animations, sounds and AI. It is useful for a limited budget because you don’t have to pay artists and wait for result. Of course, most of assets are generic and using them for high quality game development is bad taste. But if the goal is to make a hypercasual game which selling point is unique mechanics — asset store will help to fasten a development process.

Hey! We can draw and animate sprites for your 2D game. 

make a game in unity with assets

Good optimization

Optimization is vital for mobile games because of smartphones limited computing power. Unity allows to optimize games with built in garbage collector and memory allocation. Also the rendering engine is quite optimized itself and allows the developers to use special debugging tools to spot “bottlenecks” and make the game run better.

Few years ago Unity was known for big size of projects. Every game built in Unity has a lot of unused default modules and libraries. Simple mobile game could weight 300 MB. But in few last updates Unity introduced new modular environment where developers can control which functions do they need at all. Say goodbye to bulky games.

game optimization in unity 3d

Easy to setup multiplayer

Most of mobile games have multiplayer feature even if it is simple leaderboard. Multiplayer helps to keep players in game: they may fight each other or compete with scores. Unity 3D has integrated functions for adding all kinds of multiplayer activity. It is easier and cheaper to use integrated instruments than build multiplayer from scratch.

For example, Unity offer its own servers for hosting your game or data. Developers can easy add text- and voice chat with few simple functions. For competitive games there are effective ranking system which works with big amount of players in almost any genre.

Good graphics and physics

If you planning to make a Unity game for PC and consoles you can boost game graphics to the limit. Unity supports ray tracing, shaders and advanced post-processing. We can develop VR and AR projects using ragdoll and improved collision detecting system alongside with photorealistic graphics, simulate fluids and solid particles and much more. And all of these comes with ease thanks to the Unity 3D.

make a game in unity with physics

Game advertising with Unity

More than 50% of mobile games were made in Unity and the company got experience in advertising these games. Nowadays Unity have its own marketing instrument and advertisement campaigns. And no, it is not the Unity store or own advertising platform — it’s assets for effective in-game ads.

For example, Unity allow to quickly add a rewarded video function and earn money on advertising third party games and apps. And if you need to advertise your own game, you can create playable ad instead of boring vide. Let the player to taste your game while he is playing something other.

Why do not make a game in Unity

The main disadvatage of Unity 3D is complexity. You can’t just learn C# and code your game — you need to learn Unity. Unity porgrammers are well payed specialists because they can do the job no one else can. If someone unskilled tries to develop a game in Unity 3D the result will be bulky and buggy game full of free generic assets. And that’s why there are rumours about Unity being bad game engine.

That’s all disadvantages of Unity.

Inside the process: how we make a game in Unity 3D

Fisrt, we need a concept document with game lore, mechanics, characters and other information about your game. Then we develop a prototype with assets for ordinary things like walking in a platformer game. After this we will develop your unique mechanics and other code to make it work in a prototype.

game optimization in unity 3d

The real work begins after a prototype approval. We will create concept art, make 3D models, animations and sounds to provide a vertical slice — a completed part of the game with all available game mechanics. We use it as a testing grounds to prove that the final product will be fun to play.

After vertical slice we work on alpha and beta versions. They include game plot, most of the models and animations, achievements and unlockables. The alpha and beta versions are like rough diamonds. We need to test them to get rid of bugs, polish the game balance and implement monetizations system.

The final step is publishing and promoting the game. With proper promotion we can quickly reach TOP 10 in genre. It is hard work too: even the name of the game can affect its popularity. For this task we have separate marketing department.

final game in unity3d

Hire us to make a game in Unity3D

As you can see, Unity3D is a great game engine. It is known for such games as Ori and the Blind Forest, Apex Legends and Bad Piggies. These games are all about physics and their developers have chosen Unity for its physic engine.

If your dream game contains of unique mechanics which involve advanced physics simulation — choose Unity and contact us. If not — still contact us and we will help you to choose proper engine.

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