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iOS game development: why it is better for you as investor

iOS game development is the best choice to invest in the video game industry. That’s because iPhone and iPad owners spend on games more money than Android owners. There are no giant competitors, almost no piracy and all what you need to make money is to give to the players a fresh gameplay.

Mobile gaming is known for the stories of lone developers making iOS games and earning millions, like creators of Piano Tiles, Flappy Bird and 2048. Those games started on iOS and when they got popular their developers migrated them to other platforms. If you have a great idea for a game and limited budget we suggest you to outsource iOS game development.

ios game development

Why iPhone game development is the best starting point for a game

Mobile gamers are more likely to install a new game. PC and console players tend to stick to a few competitive games or play AAA projects only. But mobile gamers do like trying something new for a few times a week. There are severals reasons for this:

  • Apple doesn’t allow to upload bad unfinished games on their platform;
  • good mobile games are ten times cheaper than the games on consoles;
  • the best multiplayer games are free;
  • mobile games are relatively small and the players don’t need to download 100 GB updates every week.

Due to these reasons it is better to launch a new game on iOS than on any other platform. iOS device owners will warmly welcome any good game and will not brag about graphics or length of the game. SensorTower tells us that iOS games generate more revenue than Android.

ios games revenue

Why iOS games are good from technical point of view

Different generations of iPhones and iPads does not differ so much. Newer models have better specs and screen resolution but that’s all. They all have the same screen ratio, technical features and interface design. So it’s much simpler to polish a game for iOS only.

For example, when developing an iOS game we only need to optimize it for the cheapest devices and make the graphics look good on the ones with the best displays. We don’t need to test the game on dozens of different phones to be sure that it runs well on most possible combinations of CPU, GPU and RAM, like we do in Android game outsource. And we can easily achieve 30 or 60 FPS on iPhone, but to do so on Android we need to try hard.

ios game graphics

Also iOS is known for it’s UI and UX design. iPhone owners used to see the “Back” button in the upper left corner and we can carry their habits over the game interface.

Also the iOS has great optimization itself. It doesn’t matter if the player has a brand new iPhone with no apps or he installed your game onto the last 500 MB of storage — the game will run equally well. Android users often blame the developer for bad optimization while their phones are flooded with apps running in the background.

What are the difficulties of iPhone game development outsourcing

The main difficulty in mobile game development is to make a good control scheme. Sometimes touchscreen controls prevent us from making an action game with deep and complicated mechanics. For example, it is difficult to play Fortnite or other competitive shooters without a gamepad connected to the phone. And this is a reason why there are no mobile fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Tekken.

ios game controls

Second obstacle is the physical size of the display. iPhone X has a 5,85 inch display with 2436×1125 resolution. And we want to be sure that the player doesn’t need to bring the phone too close to his eyes to see what is happening in the game.

How does iOS game development outsource company works

At the start we need to talk about your game and create all of the documentation needed. We need those docs to be sure that we fully understood your ideas and to calculate development time and resources. Sometimes we do iOS game outsourcing from scratch. In this case we brainstorm to come up with ideas.

The second phase is the prototype development. We try to create a playable piece as fast as possible. The prototype of the iOS game has to show us the full potential of the future game and not the detailed models, textures and lightning. If it is not fun to play we can modify it with new mechanics or by changing the variables. For example, if jumping in a platformer game is boring, we can make the character jump 2-3 times higher or just speed up the jumping process to challenge the player.

ios game prototype development

The third phase — pure game development — begins when we have a good prototype with core mechanics, prepared artstyle and your approval. We delegate the tasks among the team and work hard. In the end of the phase we test and polish the game to provide a fully finished product.

The fourth phase is publishing and marketing. Publishing is a simple routine for an experienced developer like us. But the marketing process is complicated: we need to create banners and video ads, set up an advertising strategy, follow and change it through the marketing cycle. Note: a perfect game without proper advertisement will earn less money than just a OK game with good marketing.

ios game advertisement ads

The last phase is support. We read reviews and complaints, update the game and create new content. When one developer makes a cool game the other tries to clone it and lure the players away. Also we need to update the game and keep the players interested by adding new content or changing game balance.

Why it’s better to outsource iOS game development

To develop a simple game you need a minimum of three people: programmer, artist and game designer. In this case the process can take years. For example, Salt and Sanctuary, which you can complete in 4 hours, was developed by two people in 2,5 years. If you don’t want to wait two years before making profits, you need a bigger team than that.

salt and sanctuary was developed in 2 years

And if you assemble a big team by yourself, then you need to solve management problems and control every phase of development. Without iOS game development it will be difficult to check every aspect and to manage a group of developers and artists.

What we offer is a completed and experienced outsource game development team with established working processes. We have all the people you need: game designers with great ideas, skilled artists, experienced programmers and talented marketers. And a few strict managers to control them all.

You only need to write game design documents or describe your game in detail to our designers. Then we will provide you a personal manager who will be watching the development process and report to you whenever you need. Sometimes we will need your approval: in choosing concept art, testing the prototype or choosing monetization systems. But don’t worry, it can be done online.

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