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Outsourced game character creation is one of the key aspects in a quality game development. The reality of hero depends on the approach professionalism.

Outsourced character creation

Video games offer the player to save the world or just steal cars and deal with the “bad guys”. There are hundreds of main characters with a tough or tragic destiny to choose from. For example, the story of GTA IV is told on behalf of a Serbian gangster with a deep personal drama. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game about the police in the world of conspiracies and omnipotent corporations. Serious Sam is an emphasized traditional shooter where you destroy the alien invaders as a plain fellow with a square jaw.

Minor characters help to discover the the game world and the character of the main character. Sometimes they participate in the gameplay – they treat, detect enemies, open doors. Sometimes they are present only in cutscenes or peaceful locations – they sell equipment, explain key moments of the plot or are held hostage by the antagonist.

All of them need qualitative study – from character to 3D-implementation.

Kreonit Studio offers high-quality services of main and minor characters creation. 

Stages of game characters creation

Character development is divided into several stages.

Character image creation

KREONIT specialists write the character story, imagine, as he was in childhood and his changes in the context of the game world.

Character image creation

At this stage, a character is built up to form the basis of art concept and character model. If the character’s emotional truth is to go the way of deadly dangers, then he will be covered with scratches, with severely shifted eyebrows. Like the Witcher, for example. Game developers like to add drama to the hero’s life. This helps the player to empathize and evoke emotions, that make the game memorable.

Character concept creation

The written character creates an almost ready-made visual character. Artists draw 5-10 variants of appearance: tattoos, facial hair, age, clothing preferences – some of these concepts are necessary further, if the game engine supports real-time appearance changes.

2D character creation also starts with a concept. After editing and animation, the concept becomes a 2D sprite of the character. Models are more convincing when they are made from a photograph of a real person.

Character concept creation

3D-modeling of the game character.

3D model of the character creation is based on approved concepts. Previously, the final models and drawings of artists were markedly different due to the technical limitations of the graphics engine. In 2020, the difference in the model details and the figure is invisible.

3D-modeling of the game

Cost of the outsourced game character development

The creation of one or several game characters cost is determined by various factors. They include deadlines, the number of alternative concepts, the complexity of the creation.

Terms of character creation

The character concept sometimes changes with the game. A good example is STALKER: over the 7 years of development, the scene of this game has changed from the Aztec pyramids to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. All updates in technical specifications  increase the development time and cost of the service.

Number of alternatives for the character appearance

During the game, the character can change significantly. Both with age, and at the choice of a player who is willing to change clothes or hairstyle of his protege. Game character development with alternative appearance options also increases the cost of the service.

Creation of a unit for strategy games

KREONIT studio offers you the creation of a real-time strategy game character and for guided representatives of the genre. The camera in such a game is at a distance from the surface and covers a group of units. Although the personal qualities of the characters are not taken into account, it is important to maintain authenticity in the equipment of the characters. This type of character creation is cheaper and faster in timing.

Why is characters creation ordered in KREONIT?

The main character often becomes the face of the game, centered on DVD covers and posters. KREONIT knows how to create a character that players will remember. We will come up with any image – cooler than Cool Sam, deeper than Adam Jensen, crazier than the characters of Final Fantasy XV.

game studio KREONIT

An example of character creation in KREONIT

Our experience was gained over years of work on amateur mods and large projects. We are designers, concept artists, 3D-modelers and programmers, where you can order the outsourced character creation  for a computer game.

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