Most popular mobile game genres 2024

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Often, we find ourselves deeply engrossed in games without ever pausing to consider the genre they belong to. Yet, when we delve into this matter, it becomes apparent that we might be exploring the same virtual worlds over and over again. Today, we are going to unlock the secrets of the most popular mobile game genres of 2024, diving into the core characteristics that define each one. Prepare to be surprised and enlightened as you discover new aspects of your favorite games that you might never have noticed before. This journey will not only broaden your gaming horizons but also enhance your appreciation of the nuances that make each genre uniquely captivating.

What exactly is a mobile game, and how does it differ from a PC game?

A mobile game is a type of game that you can play on the move using your smartphone. Like PC games, mobile games have their own rules and objectives.

Mobile gaming is characterized by its smaller screen size, availability at any time, and typically shorter, more frequent gaming sessions compared to those on a PC. Due to these distinctive features, the development of mobile games requires a unique approach to gameplay, level complexity, and duration. Developers also incorporate special features to keep players returning to the game, enhancing engagement and retention. This makes mobile gaming not just a portable version of PC gaming but a uniquely tailored experience designed for on-the-go entertainment.

What exactly is a mobile game genre?

The genre of a game is a somewhat conditional characteristic that indicates the main components of the game and the key actions of the player. Why conditional? Increasingly, developers are incorporating elements from various genres into their products to attract the maximum number of gamers and retain their attention for a long time. Therefore, assigning a game to a particular genre only means that certain genre-specific features prevail, not that they completely define the essence of the game.

Development of mobile game genres

What has influenced the development of mobile game genres?

The first mobile games were puzzles. They became pioneers because there was already a decent number of logic games on the market, which astute developers chose to adapt for virtual play. However, with the advent of more functional phones, such as camera phones, other genres gained popularity. For example, fighting games and games about domestic animals for smartphones. In the former, you could create a fighter resembling yourself just by taking a photo, while in the latter, you had to feed virtual pets with pictures of real food.

It is safe to say that as soon as manufacturers added a new feature to smartphones, developers immediately incorporated its advantages into their games. This led to the emergence of large-scale online role-playing games (thanks to stable internet connections), tappers for touchscreen smartphones, and AR games that use GPS.

Exploring Mobile Game Genres 2024

Exploring Mobile Game Genres 2024: Trends and Favorites

Entering the dynamic world of mobile gaming in 2024, we witness an ever-evolving landscape where genres blend and innovate to capture the imaginations of players globally. This section delves into the most popular mobile game genres of 2024, offering insights into why these categories resonate so profoundly with contemporary gamers. From action-packed adventures to strategic puzzles, each genre offers unique experiences that reflect the technological advancements and cultural shifts influencing game development today. Prepare to explore the rich tapestry of gaming that keeps the digital world pulsating with excitement and creativity.

Strategy genre


The “Strategy” genre cannot be fully described in just a couple of paragraphs: the category is too saturated with diverse projects. Besides Clash Royale, which requires players to develop a virtual base, gamers also encounter city-building simulators (like Stardew Valley and Fallout Shelter) and dramatic projects such as This War of Mine or Company of Heroes. However, it seems that the decorations and settings only remotely affect the gameplay – without a well-thought-out strategy, survival is impossible, whether in a post-apocalyptic world or during World War II


Action games are a concentration of spectacle, madness, and fearlessness, only slightly diluted with dialogues and tutorials. And surprisingly, the desire to occasionally pause for conversations with NPCs does arise — at least to reduce the number of special effects jumping out from every corner. And it doesn’t hurt to follow the plot from time to time. Can’t spend all your time hiding in trenches or sniping criminals, can you?


RPGs are a genre of mobile entertainment that continues to hold its popularity, distinguished from its competitors by role-playing development mechanics. As they progress, the main characters become stronger – they acquire new skills, find additional equipment and artifacts, battle bosses, and rescue princesses from towers guarded by dragons. In addition to growing experience, RPGs typically feature class divisions (warrior, mage, rogue) and additional rules depending on the developers, such as the famed game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.



Shooters are traditionally divided into FPS and TPS: the former forces you to combat enemies from a first-person perspective (such as in Call of Duty and Dead Effect), while the latter shifts the camera behind the main character, as seen in Grand Theft Auto or even Max Payne. The difference between these subgenres is substantial: the atmosphere immediately shifts (experiencing wartime actions from the first-person is far more terrifying!), and you constantly have to adapt to the narrow confines of the visual field. But perhaps this is better from the perspective of unity with the main character? Every detail must be experienced together!


Puzzles challenge the mind in various ways, from Match-3 games to adventures with nonlinear storytelling, and quests that involve searching for items and collecting objects not nailed down — items that may come in handy for the main character in their intricate journeys. The genre is actively replenished with new entries, and in terms of diversity and atmosphere, it can rival both shooters and RPGs.


Simulators are often described as projects that mimic actions or processes from real life. Consider, for example, the development of a virtual city under the supervision of a virtual mayor, or performing a heart transplant in the Surgeon Simulator series. Realistic processes, however, are sometimes supplemented with fictional elements — how about building a career as a superhero or venturing beyond the galaxy in a fictional spaceship?


The label “Arcade” is applied to half of the projects presented in the scope of the gaming industry. The blurriness of definitions is to blame. Developers often categorize as arcades both racing games (such as the Asphalt series, Need For Speed), and cartoonish battles (Angry Birds by Rovio), as well as adventures (My Talking Tom), and platformers (Super Meat Boy, Dan The Man). So, how does one not get lost among such broad terminology?

Card Games

Card strategies (CCGs) combine numerous mechanics and objectives: from deck building to battles against artificial intelligence or randomly selected opponents in special arenas. Victory in such battles often depends both on chosen tactical actions and on turning fortunes, as it is sometimes hard to predict what spell is hidden behind the colorful back of a card. In addition to modern CCGs, the genre is also filled with classic tabletop puzzles and gambling games, such as Poker



Sports arcades and simulators occupy a significant portion of the mobile entertainment market: series like NBA, FIFA, and even Formula-1 are consistently updated by developers nearly every year — just as on “senior platforms” (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox). With up-to-date rosters, realistic physics, local and multiplayer competitions — it’s not the time to stand aside, it’s time to become a titled champion in all kinds of sports!

Casual Games

Casual games commonly include puzzles, arcades, and creative projects that compel players to dance, sing, or even draw. What activities are involved directly depends on the developers’ imagination, but the message of the “Casual” genre is more educational-entertaining and aimed at curious youngsters. The same “Talking Tom” easily confirms these conclusions!

The Top 5 Mobile Games of 2024

The Top 5 Mobile Games of 2024

2024 will be a pivotal year in the realm of mobile games, characterized by unprecedented technological leaps that have transformed smartphones into leading gaming platforms. The complexity of mobile hardware, combined with advancements in cloud technology and 5G connectivity, has significantly enhanced the quality and response speed of mobile games. These improvements have not only elevated the quality of gameplay to levels competing with traditional consoles but have also expanded the accessibility of high-quality games to a global audience, making them an indispensable part of the digital entertainment landscape. Among mobile gaming enthusiasts, games that reflect contemporary progress have gained substantial popularity, and these are the ones we cannot overlook.

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game successfully transitions the extremely popular PC MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to mobile platforms, while preserving the core gameplay and optimizing controls and mechanics for touchscreen devices. This adaptation ensures the retention of the strategic depth and dynamic action of the original game, making it accessible to both seasoned players and newcomers.
  • Clash Royale. The project masterfully combines strategy, tower defense, and multiplayer game elements into an engaging mobile game that captivates players around the world. In the game, players battle each other in real-time, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s towers while defending their own. This setup requires strategic placement of units and quick decision-making, ensuring that each match is both thrilling and tactically challenging.
  • Roblox Mobile. Project continues to redefine creative play on mobile platforms, serving as a vast sandbox where imagination meets interactivity. It provides users with a dynamic space for creating and sharing their own games and experiences, fostering the development of a thriving community that spans various age groups and geographic regions.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile. Game demonstrates a smooth transition of a high-quality console game to the mobile gaming arena, maintaining the rich visual fidelity and intense gameplay that the franchise is known for. In this adaptation, advanced graphic technologies and optimization strategies are used to deliver console-quality graphics and smooth mechanics on mobile devices, ensuring a superior gaming experience that is both accessible and captivating.
  • EA Sports FC Mobile. The hame brings the intensity and strategy of football to mobile devices with an impressive set of features that will appeal to casual gamers and die-hard fans alike. This football simulator features a detailed team management system, allowing players to act as managers of their favorite clubs. They can devise squad strategies, conduct training sessions, and make tactical decisions in real-time during matches. The integration of real game data ensures that team rosters, player statistics, and league standings are always up-to-date, reflecting the actual football season.

Instead of conclusions or how to start quickly making money on a popular game as a developer

The boundaries of game genres have long been blurred — developers have stopped constructing gameplay according to a strict script or in accordance with overly conservative requirements that appeared in the “last century”. On the contrary, even beginner studios and those diligently experiment: some try to diversify “Match-3” puzzles with object searching, while others can’t wait to enhance shooters with role-playing development and elements of tactical preparation for future battles. That’s why developers should focus on the list of the best mobile game genres of 2024, to have the opportunity to quickly monetize the project and start earning profit from it.


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