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The most important decision of creating the concept is choosing among the mobile game genres. A genre affects the cost of developing, final gameplay, target audience and monetization system. Game genre also sets players expectations about the game and affects it popularity.

choosing a mobile game genres

We will tell you about the most popular mobile game genres: how to satisfy target audience, how to properly monetize the game and how to make game better. Note: there is no battle royales, because the niche is occupied by large companies.

How players choose a game

Players look at the game’s setting first. By doing this they can tell what are the main features and what to expect from gameplay:

  • fantasy world — there must be magic and dragons;
  • future world — spaceships and aliens;
  • specific historical period — real historical personalities and events;
  • alternate history — strange technologies and fresh visual style;
  • abstract — unique mechanics and fun.

By choosing a setting the developer simplifies his search for game genre and game mechanics, but do not limits him. For example, New World Computing in 1986 created a setting of Might and Magic: with magic, spaceships and robots. Might and Magic series now have turn based RPGs, 4X strategies, first person slasher and collectible card game.

We can develop unique mechanics for your game.

setting a game genre

How the genre affects the target audience and monetization

As a setting, the mobile game genre causes players to expect some core gameplay and player requirements. We can divide game genres by qualities required:

  • reaction time — how fast and precise the player can react on what is going on in the game;
  • thinking — how the player use game mechanics;
  • patience — how much time the player willing to spend to enjoy the game.

Most of developers try to balance the requirements to suit the average gamer and achieve wide target audience. Some developers make one of the requirements high to cut they target audience and make their players more loyal. Examples:

  • Conter Strike games — to enjoy the game you need to aim and shot for less than 0,5 seconds;
  • Europa Universalis strategy games — you need to use dozens of mechanics and plan every move for several minutes;
  • EVE Online MMO game — you need to spend months on farming resources to craft a good spaceship.

The “patience” type of games are the easiest to monetize. If the player don’t want to collect resources or level up his character 24/7 then you can offer him to buy some for real money. Or at least to watch the ad and get some rewards. This kind of monetization requires a good game balance only.

strategy game development

The “reaction” type of games are not so easy to monetize. You can’t add pay-to-win elements because it will break the balance. But still you can sell skins, animations, emotions and other cosmetics.

The “thinking” type of games are the hardest. The players are interested in gameplay and difficult challenges, they don’t want to make game easier. So you can only sell them additional content and make them watch ads.

Mobile game genres based on patience

These are games which you can play for years because there is still room to grow. The game mechanics may be simple, but there is one thing: the player may progress only if he plays the game consistently.

Mobile strategy development

Mobile strategy is one of the most profitable mobile game genres. The player builds his city, hires an army and fights with other players. The gameplay is fast at first, but soon the player will need to wait for a few hours to build a Level 2 Baracks.

Mobile strategies have simple addictive mechanics and economy system. But the trick is to make victory depend only of count and quality of troopers and not of player’s mastery. This will make players to look for their credit cards and buy powerups.

mobile multiplayer strategy

Most of mobile strategies offer nothing new but still manage to earn hundreds of thousands. They differ only by game setting and to make a profitable strategy you must come up with something unique.

Mobile MMORPG development

MMORPG is simply a strategy but without managing the motherbase. Instead of this the player must levelup and dress his heroes and fight other players. The gameplay requires more thinking and reactions, but victory still depends on what your heroes have equiped.

MMORPG mobile game genres

In 2020 the most popular MMORPGs are turn based battlers. They do not need fast internet connection or powerful smartphone. But to be good at it the player must grind 24/7 or pay. And of cource the game setting and art style is important to gain more players.

We will create unique game art style for your game.

Clicker game development

The concept of clicker games is simple: you click and get your reward immediately. Then you can buy some powerups to increase the reward or make the game click for you.

clicker game development

The trick is to make the prices in ingame store rise faster than rewards. The player needs to buy something with real money or spend hours on mindless clicking.

Mobile games based on fast action

These are games which require the player to react in split second. Such a game often consists of one or two mechanics but offers a player to buy new abilities, items and passive perks.

Hypercasual game development

Hypercausal games are the most popular mobile games ever. The main feature is that the player can learn how to play in 30 seconds, but to master the game he must spend hours.

The game setting is not as important as good art style and visual confirmation of progress. For example, in you eat other players and see how your “blob” grows bigger and bigger.

hypercasual mobile game genres

To develop a good hypercasual game you need to come up with unique and fun game mechanics. The perfect gameplay allows a player to play with one finger. For example:

  • Doodle Jump — just jump higher and higher and try not to fall down;
  • Join Clash — control a crowd of stick figures to break through enemy defense;
  • Beat Stomper — calculate your timing to jump higher and get more points.

Racing game development

Racing games require fast reaction to rival’s actions. Racing games can be divided into subgenres: arcade racing, 2D racing and kart racing. Arcade racing is occupied with Asphalt and Need for Speed series.

2D racing games are the development of old Gravity Defied game. The player must drive a difficult track and don’t crash even once. After each level he can upgrade his vehicle or even buy a new one, and then unlock new traks.

racing mobile game genres

Kart racing is a relatively new genre on mobile platforms. The main features are that all players ride the same kart and can use weapons and different pick ups. This genre is fresh, the only major competitor is Mario Kart Tour.

Fighting game development

Fighting game is about “1 vs 1” or “1 vs crowd” fight with weapons or bare hands. It is difficult to develop a good mobile fighting game because of touch screen controls. The mobile verison of Mortal Kombat is more like collectible card game and not a fighting.

But there is room for simple fighting games where you have to throw your opponent out of arena. There are no need of complex combos and control and these games suit mobile devices the best.

Mobile games based on thinking

This is the most difficult kind of games to develop. You need to create interesting and complex riddles and game mechanics to satisfy the playerbase. These kind of games includes single player turn based strategies, board games, puzzle games and quests.

Mobile single player strategy game development

In strategy games the player must plan his every move. It is hard to give player comfortable way to control his units and thats why the developers like to implement non-direct control. The players just gives orders and units decide how to execute them on their own.

economy ctrategy game development

The perfect example is Rebel Inc., where player tries to stabilize a region occupied by rebels. The gameplay consists more of budget management than fighting.

Puzzle game development

There are many different subgenres: 3-in-a-row, sokoban, tetris, connect the pipes and card puzzles. The main feature of this games is that every level has only one way to solve it. It is vital for these games to have hundreds of levels with different difficulty.

Monetization of puzzle games is rather simple: you can show ads after every few “Try again” or sell bonuses which come in handy in beating difficult levels.

Quest game development

The most popular quests on mobile platforms are the hidden objects games. The player gets an image with many cool looking objects and must find specific ones in limited time. You can monetize this kind of games with ads and payed hints.

hidden objects mobile game

If you want to tell an interesting story, then you need to develop a classic quest with an inventory and dialogues. It is hard to monetize so the best way to make money is to sell the game without ads and ingame purchases.

Hire us to develop a mobile game

We have experience in most of mobile game genres: from simple clickers to complex economical strategies. Our skilled game designers, artists and programmers will try their best to make your game worth being in TOP 10. And to help you earn money we have a team of marketers and monetization experts.

If you want to develop a mobile game but can’t decide the genre — contact us. We will analyze the market and tell you the best decision for given time.


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