Mandatory elements of a mobile game

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Mandatory elements of the popular mobile game

Mobile game development requires compromises, not only in terms of icons and windows. The limit for the imagination of the author and the game designer is the screen area of ​​the smartphone. We will explain the essential elements of a mobile game required for developing an interface.

Mobile game interface: features

Mandatory elements of the popular mobile game.

The game interface consists of:

  • UX / UI
  • statistics
  • structure
  • ergonomics
  • logic
  • other

Even simple mobile games require precise actions and elaboration of details. Otherwise, the investment will not pay off. How to choose the necessary elements of a mobile game?

What problems do you face when developing a game?

Creating f2p game for mobile phones is a process that requires attention to detail and preparedness for difficulties. Why?

  • Ignorance of the project features. The game requires constant development, adding new elements. You must always be prepared to scale.
  • The smartphone’s screen is small, so the developer will have to limit himself to the existing capabilities. It is crucial to take into account the screens sizes of all manufacturers so that each user feel comfortable.

How much does it cost to develop a game for mobile? The price depends on:

  • genre;
  • number of features (functionality);
  • technical features;
  • interaction with the player;
  • deadline.

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Strategies for working with small screens

We have prepared rules with which develop a game for a smartphone will be more comfortable.

Proper use of the space

Remember the Principe: one screen – one solution. The location of the elements should be logical. It will help to zone a combination of fragments in space.

Definition and following the orientation of the device

Games elements arranged on the screen depending on the selected orientation on the gadget – portrait or landscape. The work of the designer at the global level depends on this.

Using the space behind the screen of the smartphone

While developing mobile games, do not forget about the space outside the smartphone. Slide panels hide information, helping to solve a player’s request without leaving the game. Additional panels should not conflict with existing ones in the operating system.

Using only appropriate elements

Mobile games in 2020 still include unnecessary elements. Make it a rule to use only useful elements in the game to achieve the goal. 

Design details only overload space, take up space, increase information processing time, and do not carry any semantic load. Remove everything needlessly, including the distance between the elements.

Pay attention to space, as from the presence of “air” form the perception of the elements. In this case, it is not necessary to reduce the element itself. The main thing is that the user can play with comfort. Review the content, repeat the information out of the box. Turn text blocks into graphic ones. Separate objects with colors or backlight while superimposed them (provided they are used offline).

Arrange the elements, allowing the user to finish the elements independently.  

If an elements of a mobile game often found in the same size, cut it off with a mask for anyone on a particular window, since for the user, it will be the same picture.

When reduced, the picture loses the area of ​​the click and gets out of the picture. 

Strategy for working with the mandatory elements of a mobile game

Mandatory Elements of the Popular Mobile Game

The game should improve and be interesting. For this purpose, there must be features in the project.

There are four proven effective strategies for UI projects which works with features:

  • Look into the future;
  • Using standards and templates;
  • Guide;
  • Navigation without limits.

Look into the future

Game development begins with research. Check out top representatives of the invented game. Then you will know a set of features for the project.

Having an understanding of what will be in the game make a “project roadmap”, taking into account the features of the UI – the shorter, the better. Be prepared for the fact that some will not be implemented or will be implemented with a deviation from the script.

Using Standards and Templates

Templates help project development. The intuitive interface helps users quickly get comfortable and be loyal to the new. Do not reinvent the wheel. Make the mechanics understandable to the player, but think about the details more closely. Here the task is not to remain “one of” but to find a style and stand out. 


Hyde – instructions for the project, including the rules for scaling it. Everything that the designer needs is collected here, and this information is regularly updated as the project grows.

Navigation without restrictions

When scaling the game, there is a need to create an “extended corridor”, where new features will be. 

How to solve the small screen problem?

  1. Swipe For example, in “Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes”, menu items are located in the center of the screen, so the user quickly gets where he needs to.
  2. Through passages. The concept of the interaction of complementary and similar functions.

In conclusion

Mandatory Elements of the Popular Mobile Game

Playing mobile games is easier than making them. The development of a UI requires increased attention to detail that must meet the parameters and conditions. When developing a game, do not forget to request feedback at each stage in order to stop “improvements” and “removing all unnecessary” in time.

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