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Since AR and VR appear in the gaming business, digital marketing, and training, a large number of examples of the implementation of those technologies have accumulated in these spheres. We prepared 10 successful cases of how the development of applications augmented and virtual reality influenced business processes.

VR AR development

What is AR and VR: explaining terminology

  • Augmented Reality. AR is a short form of augmented reality technology. Information (text or computer multilevel graphics) projected onto objects in the real world. Smartphones, special glasses, projectors, and other devices are using for this purpose. 
  • Virtual Reality. VR is an abbreviation for the technology that creates an entirely virtual sphere for the information flow. Special tools are also used for this purpose – such es VR headset or glasses. It helps complete immersion in the virtual world.

Both technologies give the user a new level of immersion in the proposed product. For companies, this is a way to expand their customer base and increase brand loyalty, for the user – a chance to get a new experience.

The difference between AR and VR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are concepts that seem synonymous. At least at first glance. Yet VR interacts with the user and creating new worlds for him; meanwhile, AR communicates with the outside world and adds new elements to it.

For example, the game Pokemon GO which been popular in 2016-2017, is an excellent example of using augmented reality. In the game, players need to catch the Pokémon that organically implemented into the environment. According to data for August 2019, the number of game installations has topped 1,000,000,000.

examples of AR applications

Today AR and VR glasses are presented in the product line of Google, Samsung, and other companies. In the first years of its existence, such a novelty was considered a luxury. But today, the market value of the device for immersion in AR and VR does not exceed the cost of a smartphone. 

Where AR and VR could be used

The field for using AR and VR applications is vast and growing every year. Gaming businesses, advertising agencies, educational platforms, and even religious organizations… All of them have already adopted both technologies. 

They can be used for the following purposes:

1. Presentation of new products.

VR and AR applications are used to present new products. These technologies unlock such opportunities:

  • Displaying a 3D model of the product.
  • Virtual demonstration of product features.
  • Engaging viewers in a presentation or event

2. Education.

In the field of education, VR and AR-simulators proved to be a useful tool. The human brain best retains and understands the information that is presented in a gaming manner. Specifically, this applies to children’s perception. Thanks to VR and AR, the quality and effectiveness of the educational program reach a new level.  International universities and schools use these technologies and show pupils and students 3D models of atoms and chemical elements — additionally, knowledge obtained in an interactive form.

3. The sphere of entertainment.

The gaming and entertainment industry has made the most of the potential of augmented and virtual reality. There is already a separate class of games. They are designed for special glasses that ensure complete immersion in the new world. This list includes gaming bestsellers:

  • Minecraft.
  • Alien: Isolation.
  • Game series Total War.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division.
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
  • And others.

The advantage of those games is an immersion in the gameplay, achieved through realistic pictures and 360-degree views. Players control the game by using special joysticks that simulate hand movements. It helps to feel like a character in a game.

4. Project visualization.

VR and AR are an indispensable tool when it comes to visualizing 3D projects. For example, it is convenient to use augmented reality for the presentation of projects of construction companies. Buyers of apartments in the residential complex at the construction stage will see the future result realistically, and wearing special glasses will even “walk” around the future housing. Such visualization can increase sales – because people truly believe only in what they see. However, virtual technology is part of a marketing strategy not only in the construction sphere.

5. Virtual avatars.

Virtual avatars are used in virtual networks and allow realistic interaction. It could be either a game avatar or an avatar of social networks in which communication is initially based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. 

Also, augmented and virtual reality technologies open the way to new opportunities in advertising and interaction with the content consumer. The effect of presence makes a strong impression on a person and motivates him to act more than banner advertising or an advertising slogan. 

Virtual Reality

Furthermore, VR and AR have already begun to be used in the experimental treatment of mental disorders. Doctors use these technologies to help people cope with phobias and post-traumatic stress.

VR applications: examples of the best cases

There are many impressive examples of virtual reality apps.

1. Fortnite.

The first successful case was the concert of DJ Marshmello in the game Fortnite, which took place in 2019. As a result, more than 10 million people visited a virtual show, which lasted about 10 minutes. And all of them don’t have to live their homes.

Virtual Reality in Fortnight

2. Thomas Cook.

Travel company Thomas Cook offers customers to go on a virtual tour using a virtual reality application that will evaluate the benefits of the upcoming trip.

Examples of VR applications for business

3. Jaguar.

Company Jaguar went even further: to examine candidates for the positions of engineers and programmers, they developed a series of quests in virtual reality. They help recruitment specialists to determine whether a person has a set of skills and qualities necessary for a vacant position.

Jaguar VR app


NASA uses virtual reality to train future astronauts. VR simulators allowing achieve the effect of presence and help a person prepare for a flight into space. Even more, there is a simulator of walking on the surface of Mars. It allows astronauts to get used to the sight of the red planet.

 NASA VR app

5. SnowWorld 

Virtual reality also applies to medicine. For example, the game SnowWorld was created specifically for patients with burns, and as a result, helps a person to escape from pain. According to studies, patients rated a 20% reduction in pain.

Examples of popular AR applications.

Common examples of using AR are the giant global companies Snapchat and Instagram. In the last 3 years, both applications are among the most installed on smartphones. Both apps are social networks. Their functionality is associated with the processing and publication of photos.

1. Snapchat.

In 2018, the company announced the intention to launch a service for searching for products using augmented reality. The platform is based on the search for items scanned by a smartphone camera in stores. The project was planned in collaboration with Amazon. As a result, in September 2018, the following function was launched.

examples of AR applications

2. Instagram.

Popular masks on Instagram are nothing more than an augmented reality tool. They help smooth out skin tone, change the color scheme of the picture, and even add new details to the outside world. It looks like this:

AR technology in Instagram

Masks are used for retouching stories and live broadcasts. According to statistics, every day, more than 500 million people view Instagram stories. Using branded masks could help attract new customers.

3. “The world is waiting to be opened”.

There are also examples of using augmented reality in Ukraine. For example, a children’s game from the PLUSPLUS TV channel, released in 2019. “The world is waiting to be opened” is a successful case of using AR for educating preschool children. More than 1000 people have already installed the application.

світ чекає на відкриття скриншот

4. Liorcs from Silpo.

Silpo stores were not far behind in this regard, either. They developed an augmented reality application and use an action Liorcs cards in it. It animates the funny creatures pictured on the cards. More than 100 thousand people have already installed the app.

разработка АР и ВР приложений

5. IKEA.

IKEA App Place is also an excellent example of using augmented reality. It helps clients to “try on” new furniture. Customer pointing the smartphone to the place where the new thing is supposed to stand and see whether it will fit into the interior or not. More than 1,000,000 people have already installed the application.

Why is ordering the development of AR and VR applications worth it?

These cases clearly show what tasks can be implemented using VR and AR technologies. If you want to create competitive advertising campaigns, effectively present new products, and attract new customers or create a cool game, you should order AR application development at the KREONIT game design studio. We will create a product from scratch – from competitor research to testing and further promotion. 

We will also help develop a corporate brand and marketing strategy. To order AR and VR development, please call:

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