About us

About us

KREONIT – The Forge of Possibilities.

We are modern-day blacksmiths, turning your ambitions into supernatural projects. Utilizing the magic of artifacts and the power of weaponry, as symbolized by our sword logo, we craft solutions that alter gravity, time, and the essence of matter. Unique solutions worthy of Avengers and Doctor Strange heroes are born here.

You are not just clients; you are extraordinary characters, and our mission is to make you supernatural.


The Artifact Kreonit was born within the walls of the multidisciplinary international group of companies, koloro.group, specializing in design, marketing, 3D modeling, and animation.

Kreonit is the fusion of technologies, skills, and expertise in the realms of design, marketing, 3D modeling, and app development. At some point, it became clear that we all aimed for the same objective—creating games, an ambition we never thought could materialize.

We look

KREONIT - Craft Your Reality


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